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Smoothie 101

So I have been getting this question: Chef how do you make your smoothies so good? Well there is a couple of elements to my smoothie making that help create the light airiness and full body smoothies that I have at Ageless Beauty Med Spa.

First you start with you base, I use bananas in almost all my smoothies. I take the most ripe bananas possible and then I freeze them in smaller portions about 1/2 a banana to make a cup and a half sized smoothie.

I use a whey protein powder that I like. I use one that taste good to me that has the characteristics that fit my diet and lifestyle. I usually use just vanilla or chocolate flavored ones to give me more flexibility on flavoring

I use ripe fruits to add the most flavor. I try to get the sweetest fruit elements possible. If you have some real ripe fruit and you are not going to eat it in time, then freeze that as well.

I use ice in my smoothies. It adds volume to the smoothies and Keeps it ice cold and extends the flavors of your fruit or base

Liquids : I use different liquid bases, fruit juices that are low glycemic or I like oat milk, coconut milk, almond milk. it all depends on personal prefences and taste profile.

Sweeteners : Such as honey, maple syrup agave are some of my go too.

Flavor add ons: love nut butters to enrich the smoothies also adds protein to it. Also I use a lot of chocolate flavors such as dutch chocolate, or cocoa which is a blend. Also I use cold espresso or coffee to add Dept of flavor. Citrus zest as well to add zing and hit different parts of the palette.

Others: I have a tendency to also use peanut butter powders, also I like ground oats to give me a sense of fullness.

Garnish: I love to use nuts, coco nib, and dark chocolate chips. Flavored whipped creams are good as well especially home made so you know what’s in it. Dried fruits or mostly dehydrated fruits with no sugar added. Also Spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon and clove.

Blenders: I like the single serve blenders for best results. They create a vortex inside the canister that will not only blend well but incorporate air into the drink to add volume and texture.

At the end of the day pick what you Like to have in your smoothies. That’s what makes it fun and interesting and will keep you drinking them for sure! Ciao!

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