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Let's get that muscle!

I have had this conversation with some clients this week: should women who are on a weight loss journey lift weights!

The answer: Absolutely

It's boost metabolism & helps with weight management

Helps with bone health & battling against Osteoporosis

Blood sugar regulation

Improves quality of sleep

Boost mental help

It also helps with pain relief, posture & balance

So now we aren't talking about lifting the world and doing it for hours.  All you need to dedicate is about 45 minutes to an hour a week total. Two sessions 20-30 minutes each.

We are not talking about becoming overly muscular, you just want to build muscle to help your metabolism & and help burn fat.

Stay tuned for my next post on some simple exercises you can do at home with your body weight or simple items around the house to get started.

Taraja McBride


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