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It's a touchy subject but one that need to be addressed. When it comes to losing weight and starting a healthy lifestyle this is priority number one!

What we put what we put in our mouth Not only affects our health. It also affects our mood. In order to start the journey of feeling better about ourselves we must pay more attention to what we put into our bodies. That starts with the type of food and how much. We will discuss this in days following this post to not only help educate but to also encourage.

Being hospitality for years and years, you see people loading up their plates with food. And being visually satisfied with an over abundance. If you were to go to other countries and see how they function when it comes to their relationship with food you would see they construct their plates a whole lot different than we do here in America. A lot of people like to feel comfortable with what they eat, and that comes from how they were raised in their own homes with their own families. And that's normal. But that's some of the trends and habits that need to be broken. So construction of a plate is very important but it's also very simple.

When I put together plates for my clients, I always put the most important ingredient first. Your body is going to be in need of the proteins to help feed the body. Then we add the vegetables to add flavors and different textures to the dish. If you want a little sauce to add zing, flavor or spice, that is cool just in moderation.

So on my next blog, I will address portion, size and plate construction. To help you with portion sizes. Stay tuned....

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