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Cheat Meals


So me and my youngest daughter Bella were having a conversation about drinking sweet tea. She stated that if she wanted to splurge her calories for the day on sweet tea that’s what she was gonna do. I said to her, wouldn’t you rather use those calories for something more satisfying, more substantial.

But let us think about this for a moment: what is a cheat meal?  What a cheat meal is to some might not be  the same for all.

For someone like me it’s a pizza, or more like a few slices. Others might be that creamy ice cream, some Ben and Jerry’s. 😉

After some thought I came to the personal conclusion that if she wants to have the sweet tea so let it be. Why should we not give ourselves some delight in our lives. We cannot cut everything out all the time or we will be miserable and eventually go back to eating bad anyways.

We should maintain a balanced diet with good choices all throughout the days & weeks. We should keep the good habits of going to the gym or  some form of regular exercise. What ever works for you, just moving more. If you are consistent for many days of the week give yourself that satisfaction of sipping on that sweet tea. Keep your happiness!!  This is part of the reason why most of us decided to  change our lifestyles in the first place! HMMMM! What do you think?

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