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Label reading

So everyday we have choices like these to make when we are picking and choosing what type of product we cook with, what we are going to put into our bodies. We do not always know what we are buying beyond the name and description of the product.

Many manufacturers wording  have improved to create better transparency on food labeling. We must analyze the label because making good  choices based on product ingredients is very important.

While the ingredients of this particular food item is pretty straightforward besides a couple of preservatives., pay close attention to the portion size at 283 grams and just over 9 ounces . The killer here is you get 54% of your recommended sodium for the day in one serving.

This was one of my favorites as a kid, Dinty Moore beef stew.  Now that’s growth! Lol.  I used to think this was the best. Mom would bring it home and it was a meal fit for a king. But it shows that we all don’t truly know until we know.

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